Remote control systems

Remote control systems

Our largest and most developed product are remote control systems for environmental parameters.

What is our system?

The current technology and the amount of service work associated with requirement of spending a lot of time and money on service trips, which often needs only restarting a working device. On the other hand, the very information about such a basic parameter as temperature and its appropriate analysis can tell about many important factors. A short analysis of the charts allows you to determine the simplest things, whether the device works at all, and even very advanced ones, e.g. whether the air conditioning has an efficient impulse control system. Each change of even a very simple parameter, which is the discussed ambient temperature, can help one determine:

  • Whether a service or the intervention of worker is required;
  • Whether the device is working properly, will it soon require replacement of consumables (e.g. condition of filters in air conditioning);
  • Whether the device is efficient enough;
  • Whether the set environmental parameters are actually inconsistent with the customer’s requirements and the device should be adjusted / configured accordingly;
  • Whether rapid intervention in the event of a major accident is required before it is too late;
  • And many other more advanced elements;

What can you control?

The parameters that we are currently able to control:

  • Temperature of the environment, device, fluid, air (can be adapted to a specific device);
  • Atmospheric pressure;
  • Air humidity;
  • Voltage in the power grid (including three-phase networks);

In addition, we offer the possibility of counting electricity consumption and pressure measurement from practically any analog manometer (without interfering with the system). The latter solution is still being developed with new possibilities.

All parameters are controlled by the customer through the access to a special platform purchased from us, on which one can:

  • Control of current values ​​of measured physical parameters;
  • Preview and generation of measurement charts from any period;
  • Settings of alarms, SMS and e-mail notifications;
  • Generating statements to excel and .pdf format;

Our systems are constantly developed with new possibilities, new sensor modules are added, and the software visualizing the measurements is constantly improved. Often, as part of test installations (where we test new sensors and solutions), we are able to install such a system at a very favorable price.

How does our system work?

Our set consists of:

  • Switchboards with UPS;
  • Sensors mounted in the electrical cabinet;
  • Sensors mounted in the room / devices;
  • A web platform to which the client gets access;

The control unit collects information from sensors communicating wirelessly, which can be powered by both battery and wires coming from the control panel. Via the 3G / 4G / LTE network, the control unit communicates with our servers and sends data collected from sensors scattered in a given location to it. Then the application provided by us located on this server visualizes the data for our users. Our system works even in the absence of power, and all software updates of individual sensors can be carried out remotely.

What industries do we operate in?

The correct answer is – any. If only something can be measured. However, we have already been trusted by industries such as:

  • Medicine;
  • Building drainage;
  • Horticulture and agriculture;
  • Smart home;
  • Industry;
  • Architecture;