Electronics design

Embedded systems, programmable microcontrollers and analog electronics

We specialize in the broadly understood design of embedded systems with high reliability. We adjust solutions to the customer and create “full custom” projects. If you have any idea or would you like to create a device, please contact us, we will design it according to your guidelines. We mostly deal with digital electronics, but we can also design analog blocks.

We already have a lot of projects related to:

  • Control of stepper motors and BLDC;

  • Making up the interface (touch panels, displays);

  • Creating a web application (to support our sensors or more);

  • Creating specialized controllers for automotive applications (e.g. controlling car clocks via CAN bus of various types);

  • Modernization / reconstruction of the executive mechanics used in 3D printers or laser plotters;

  • Development of sensors for special applications, including “image processing” for non-invasive measurement;

  • Building Faraday Cages;

  • And many more;


Faraday cages and other RF rooms

We also design rooms shielded to any frequency. The cage below was designed for the “JABIL” company in Kwidzyn. The room is fully compliant with all standards, and we have technical documentation for each component it is made of. The offer to build such a room also includes measurements that we perform by delivering to the customer documentation on attenuation at a given frequency. We also offer the construction of cages, the so-called “full”, that is entirely made of copper sheet joined with soft solder.

More interesting projects that we have also created as open source can be found in our section >DIY< .